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God serves by us.

19/11/2014 17:52
I must say that I have long favored the impersonal approach to the problem of God but lately I corrected slightly in personalist way my vision.God watching us and expects us to behave in harmony with his laws and his will that are objective and impersonal in their mode but subjective and personal...

The crisis of Kobane shows that it is impossible to trust of Erdogan.

09/10/2014 20:52
lIt is expecting an intervention of Turkey in Syria but is difficult to understand in favor of whom should go this intervention because Turkey has been for decades in war with the Kurdish people in fight for his freedom.Then if there was interest to rescue the besieged city of Kobane by ISIS why...

Arin fighter of freedom.

06/10/2014 20:50
Arin is a kurd commandant of kobane that rather to be captured by militants of Isis she made to explode beetwen them.I think she is not a Kamikaze but a fighter of...

If the pressure coocker is broken the pot doesn't go in pressure.

20/09/2014 10:26
The Director Scalfari says in his editorial that deflation is caused by a drop in demand and recession by a fall in supply, but it is clear that the two things are related if demand falls , companies have difficulties to sell their goods and for a some time shall happen.for effect of the race to...

The universe goes toward the perfection.

12/09/2014 21:46
It seems that everybody,whom more and whom less,are affected by a linear logic that degrades in an aut aut for which the things are so or so.I believe in beginning there is the creative power of God that I imagine,rather than as logos,as mental vibration that can have a representation such as a...

Is it happening a mutation in human caracter.

11/09/2014 20:43
Yersterday I have seen a service at the tgnews on a fact happened during the break in the time school.A girl without apparent reason is gone near another girl and has started to beat her by hands and feet.The fact is singolar(a part the sex of the violent person)because the person beaten has been...

Who does say that the animals don't know to joke?

01/09/2014 12:32

Where the bird sings but doesn't fly?

01/09/2014 12:06
I have done the mistacke to sign me on twitter.Immediately I didn't like it,too rigid,you haven't space and time to develope a reasoning,fast but rigid.My decisio to leave it came from the fact  I wanted to pubblicize two photos of the same image simmetrical like at the mirror but after two...

Is the scandal of Rotherham only the visible side of iceberg?

28/08/2014 22:34
That it strikes of Rotherham scandal is the active collaboration beetwen police and social sevices with criminal organization.Is ipotizable in other part of Europe similar situations?And howmany?There is in the very civil Europe a dark mixture of nazism and mafia for which is sacrified the wimp to...

About the Nativity

19/07/2014 10:54
 ·        Orazio Urzì   For this Christmas I feel the urgence to treat the argument of human moral misery to start from the event of Jesus...
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