Arin fighter of freedom.

06/10/2014 20:50
Arin is a kurd commandant of kobane that rather to be captured by militants of Isis she made to explode beetwen them.I think she is not a Kamikaze but a fighter of...

Is the scandal of Rotherham only the visible side of iceberg?

28/08/2014 22:34
That it strikes of Rotherham scandal is the active collaboration beetwen police and social sevices with criminal organization.Is ipotizable in other part of Europe similar situations?And howmany?There is in the very civil Europe a dark mixture of nazism and mafia for which is sacrified the wimp to...

Absolved Silvio Berlusconi.

18/07/2014 22:39
Silvio Berlusconi is more than twenty years at the center of all political and judicial darkest plots of Italy yet, despite the frequency of police services and equipment reserved, did not know (apparently no one informed him) that Ruby was a minor, which is commonly prostitute, that was not the...

Applause to the polismen killers of Federico Aldrovandi by the polismen at the congress of police sindacate."Vialadivisa".

02/05/2014 20:10
Who was Federico Aldrovandi?He was a boy 18 years old,he was being back home on the down of the 25 september 2005,he was blocked(for a controll?)by police,he died cause the beating of  police like the sentence of the trial adfirmed(no voluntar murder),he hasn't returned alive to his mother...

What has been of Gilberto Gil?

18/04/2014 04:22
I  looking for the name of that famous brasilian musicist(compositor and guitarist)president Lula's minister of culture and at a certain point I remembered the surname Gill,Roberto Gill but on google(at the voice "musica brasiliana")but I didn't find anything so I saw an interview jazzist...

Two shots to the paradox.

12/04/2014 02:54
Who does say that we aren't in opposition with ourself?The first shot has done by portable and program of Fb,the second by that internal to the pc.    

Liberated Sakineh.

22/03/2014 10:01
Against every prophets of sventure Sakineh is afree.We are grate to iranian autorities for having found again the way of reason and of right avoiding that a second crime was presented like an act of justice and at the end recognising that Sakineh maybe accomplished a mistake but anyway has really...

A crisys of brent strangely deasappeared.

11/03/2014 05:13
Apparently I'm completely gone with the brain I have to resign myself to the state of dementia semiprecoce.Io remembered that between 2011 and 2012 various times the price of a brent had risen to the threshold of $ 200 for barrel and gasoline at retail 2 EUR to liter.But all this is not documented...

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06/02/2014 15:31
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