A crisys of brent strangely deasappeared.

11/03/2014 05:13

Apparently I'm completely gone with the brain I have to resign myself to the state of dementia semiprecoce.Io remembered that between 2011 and 2012 various times the price of a brent had risen to the threshold of $ 200 for barrel and gasoline at retail 2 EUR to liter.But all this is not documented by Google and not any change in the Brent's price since 2009 and even then the price should never exceed $ 140 the barrel that i remember well was the price that a year and a half ago was shouting to overcoming the crisis energetica.Wath does it remain of all that before the crisis, of course, the price of gasoline than before the crisis was about 1.50/1.60 euro for liter and that jumped to about 2 euro with a rise of 25 % and is not come back to the previous price so much that even now that Brent is at $ 100 per barrel instead of $ 150-160 to which was the average of 2012 (so about 30 % more) the price of "green" is 1,788 approximately 10% below the peak but well upon the 15% average for the start of the crisis around the 2011.Does this absurd thing leave all my friends indifferent?We let the 7 sisters pull the neck before the peoples of the earth at least those with a technologically advanced throughout the crisis obviously speculative and then do not pay back the price of gasoline they pay great hakers for not having to account for the ill-gotten gains so instead of oil to flow taps are flowing the blood of gutted motorists.