About the Nativity

19/07/2014 10:54
    For this Christmas I feel the urgence to treat the argument of human moral misery to start from the event of Jesus birth.For that 
    I know nobody has sufficientely reflected on the fact Joseph and Mary leaved Jerusalemm before the birth of Jesus.We know only that for the census of roman empire Joseph must be back to Jerusalemm where probabily must be resident many relativs and friends of him but in spite of this nobody accepted in own home a relative with his very young wife at the first pregnancy.What's the matter?There was some obstacle to host them?And if yes which?Something regarding the conception of Jesus?
    We know that Mary was a particulary girl,she had past all the life before the murryage in the temple because was judged a sacer young girl and in base to this promise to Joseph that was a wright
    man.By this murryage should be joined the house of Kings to that of Levi,the kingdom of Juda to that of Israel.We know many children murdered to kill Jesus by king Erode.Is possible that in the temple a rape was commited to offend Joseph and push him to abondonate Mary like a dishonoureted woman?Is possible that Joseph was selfconscious of the reason of the offense a didn't want abandonate Mary.If this is true the relatives and friends refuted the host to him in reason of Mary(that now is judjed by similar conformist the mother of all human people).But was really the scandal the problem or rather the command of the king and the fear of him hidden by the fault of the rape that for the misogine ebraic society was naturally of the woman?The fear of a powerfull man that founded own power on the abuse and the violence ,with the abcence of ecclesiastic apparates,towards a man that must restore the right and the justice can be the real reason of all problem.To this there is to add the wickness and the fear of majority in face to the power.Foratherfor the church noting has done to resolve the problem of moralism and the conformism on wich is founded great part of abuses of the power.At the last the church is togheter from the part of the crucifiers and of crucifieds,of Jesus and Kaifa,God and mammon.