An extremly tempestive death.

12/04/2014 02:17
I watched with few interest until now the telenovelas " pasion prohibida " as usually it happens to me for this kind of program, but from the moment that appeared to me particularly seductive the protagonist ex-Miss Venezuela Monica Spear , a healthy blackberry beautyful but not very shepely,with a sweet visa and a great nice pair of legs , the problem is that on the moment I went to the computer to find out more about her I discovered that this actress at the age of 29 was killed with her husband during that the international media presented as a robbery ( how they knew that a robbery is when some of us are just the bodies that were found dead in their cars). Before this I had heard few days further (8 to be exact) but the new seemed only a singularly in coincidence with the fact that the day before the beeginning in Italy of telenovelas was killed its star.From the moment the fiction was of greater interest to my eyes I begun to think that this coincidence is too much tempestiv.Ther's to say that in a few months had been filmed 107 episodes of the first series and that therefore the presence of the actress was not more essential , that maybe there might be someone in the cast who has a certain interest to obtain an easy advertising discharged on the shoulders of the poor Monica, at last is note that between Mexico and Columbia the value of human life (especially women ) is really irrelevant , what I disturb more is the coincidence of the tragic event with the debut of telenovelas in Italy it is possible that someone may have requested the killers to act in close proximity to that date ( January 7) and where someone should be happened in Venezuela or in Italy?It's absurd to think that to promote a mediatic product is to sacrifice the life of a young woman and her husband ?Or maybe it makes sense to think that when the reality registers the pervasive presence of the media and the virtual reality is saturated by the material one and the material reality of the virtual one then someone can think of killing a young woman as if this thing is just a step particularly "amazing "(note that in italian language the term "ammazzare" means to kill)of a fiction .