Applause to the polismen killers of Federico Aldrovandi by the polismen at the congress of police sindacate."Vialadivisa".

02/05/2014 20:10

Who was Federico Aldrovandi?He was a boy 18 years old,he was being back home on the down of the 25 september 2005,he was blocked(for a controll?)by police,he died cause the beating of  police like the sentence of the trial adfirmed(no voluntar murder),he hasn't returned alive to his mother that ask truth and justice for her son.The death of Federico is at now hidden in the fog.The absurd dinamic of his death and the tentative of the polismen's defence to insinuate the psicotic condition of Federico makes us thincking the truth has not been discovered and without truth no justice may be poossible.We want so produce any hypotesis on this death.Federico is a very normal and ordinary young male,no political interestes,no drugs nor other forms of addiction.The friends lieved quiet and in normal state of consciousness him that went home by feet after a night past in discoteque.Which reason remains to create troubles to a young male if not the women.Maybe he knew a woman?Maybe he loved a merried woman (like often happens to the young male)?A merried woman of some dark lord(maybe a rich notable of Ferrara)?Maybe Federico thought to be the cristian knight that liberate the princess prisoner of Drake?Maybe someone next to the environent of Police commanded his death?Maybe comanded that the thing must appear a casual happening but with the clear message that "le donne di polizia non si toccano....."?Anyway after 6 months of prison the policemen return in service and recive the applause of their collegues.We approve the campain "Vialadivisa"for the exclusion from the rank of Police the killers of Federico Aldrovandi.


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