God wait for us to recognise ownself in the man.

16/07/2014 11:04

The story of Job has always interested to me and I finally got an idea of it that is not politically correct.We start from the assumption that the power of God can not be overawed for definition and at last his acquiescence to evil and to unjustice of him is only one way in which the man is call to give proof of ownself.But if instead of being in the presence of the Bible we were facing the Ivanhoe ?There the power of the sovereign has been nullified by a person who was called upon to do by " vicar " and the man (Ivanhoe)is called to give evidence of ownself to permit the return of sovereign to the power.And then there must be a meaning in the fact that God gives justice to Job when he stops to justify all the pains that "heaven " seems to send to him and he rebels to God.Perhaps the rebellion of Job gives to God the opportunity to say that Job's adversity are not the result of his will but of someone who may have taken advantage of his distraction compared to the human things ? Perhaps in the end the man is more deeply close to God when it is most deeply human?The authoritarian principle that everything comes from a superior will is to make room for the idea of ​​a God that evokes from the reality,that he created,his strength and his most authentic character by the human hunger for justice and freedom.It is from this particular side of Human spirit that God wait for the definitive adfirmation of his sovranity.



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