Is better Orwell and the Big Brother or Dumas father and son.

25/06/2014 22:23

Better Orwell and Big Brother or Dumas father and son?
Yesterday I saw the RAI program "Il tempo e la storia" that was more or less the historical period of the Dumas novel "The Three Musketeers" and narrated  in a completely different way from how I remembered it: the Bourbon King Louis XIII father of Louis XIV, the Sun King, prime Minister Richelieu, his wife Anna of Austria (probably romantically linked to the Duke of Buckingham.) the book I remember it completely differently than the name of the first king Charles IX and husband of Catherine of Medici who gives him no children at his death came a period of great confusion in which appear the figure of Henry IV of Navarre (Bourbon) who married Anna of Lorraine, and here they strike the bersail with the the family but not with the nation, which gives him as son Louis XIII, the Sun King, who became king only 9 anni.Is this early dementia? I experienced a quantum leap between two parallel dimensions, or is the big brother really existing and wants to destabilize our sense of reality? Well I'm stubborn and I took a few history books  to consulte them and well Charles IX and Henry IV have really existed but not in succession there is another interlude as Henry III of Anjou who will reign without sons  then there are more than two-Louis, both king at age 9, two Medici queens, two King Henrys all in succession to each other as cloned happens to Catherine de 'Medici follows Marie de Medici, Henry III Henry IV happens (given that there are only 4 kings with this name in the house of France ....), Louis XIII Louis XIV follows (and here it's all right there are 19 Luis and it can happen), but both became king to 9 years if the big brother revised our history books did some 'savings without losing too much time to process the subject certainly was better Dumas father.As to say the history always repeats itself twice,the first time as tragedy,the second as farce


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