Is it happening a mutation in human caracter.

11/09/2014 20:43

Yersterday I have seen a service at the tgnews on a fact happened during the break in the time school.A girl without apparent reason is gone near another girl and has started to beat her by hands and feet.The fact is singolar(a part the sex of the violent person)because the person beaten has been unable to have any reaction of defense pratically has staied stable to take strikes and the many people that attended didn't absolutly to help the attacked person at the contrary seemed in some case amused for the unpreview spectacle.Is maybe this the sign of a mutation of the human carachter?The abitude to stay passive in face to television set,computer,cell. has done us unable to have reaction of fear,of anger,of solidarity?Is so that the Big Brother may take our control making us passive and cold?At my advise a person that lives in absence of emotions and affects is more easily controllable from a political and maybe subliminal system command and at cause of this social system and the ecomical system incentivizes the use of media.If we want rimain human we must learn to use them with more cleverness ann heart.