Mom aliens in Venice

12/07/2014 11:27
I do not believe in good faith that the politicians who leave the beauty homelands are being fed to the first passes.I live in Florence and see how this wonderful city,that isn't second for beautyness at Venice,is traited .For a side is convenient the city is an element of attraction on the other hand it does not protect at all its bellezza.It is like those pimps who earn by the feminine beautyness but do not protect this beautyness and they get fucked their women from the first beast that happens and if the case are the ones who abuse of them.I heard them personally commissioner of public works in Venice to say that when there will be a harbor at Marghera cruise ships shall can dock there is the problem that has always been the port of Venice in Marghera and I have been almost a dozen times in Venice in a past neighbor and I have never seen any ship in the Canal Grande so,once the ship docked right there and now they throw a lifeline and dock in Canal Grande.However?It is understandable, therefore, that the irony is more than justified becomes a survival mode you laugh to keep from crying desperately.Mom aliens in Venice