My point of view on the problem of predecessor and of ancestors.Of Urzi Orazio Franco.

07/04/2014 09:48

In our age it is often ignored the importance that had in all the human history,till the modernity,the cult of the ancestores.At the moment of the death of our predecessors automatically the missing person acquires a particular worth,from a part it is like to create a form of contact with the dimension of death at less like a sensitivity towards the problem and in particular if something exists over the moment of the death.I offer to the reader the idea that this planet,mother earth,doesn't cancell anything of own esperience laping absorbes images and sounds in own matter creating a certain form of stratification where rimains impressed the corse of past time with the espirience of the human people that brings inside.It is obvious that this is only an hypotesis that needs of empirical confirm but if we know that for the universe laps the rebound of big bang why to not thinck that the traks of our passage on the earth is not pull by the gravity of the earth and little by little with lapping of her these traks aren't traied towards her meddle(from this the myth of ade in the meddle of earth)?At this point the image of genealogy like a corse of persones(names and bodies)is something of more that an aleatory image but a sort of wire of Arianna that can permits to everybody to find a reference by the story of predecessors to form own identity by the familiar story.In particular  I remember like at Delphi before the cult of the sun and Apollo there was the cult of mother Earth call Gea.It seems that the priestesses were call "Phytonesses" and considered the term Delpoy means uterus is reasonable to thinck the phytoness an allusion to the image of women that generation after generation reproduce oneselveslike the coils f a phyton that rappresentes the developing of female genealogy.But at this point if the moment of birth is the way of women to give a sort of baton from a generation to the other by the simple trasmission of the life how is it the way of men?It seems pratically that this happens by the contrary idea or rather by the moment of the death of father at that moment there is a charge of responsabilities for the son ad so the definitive access in the world of adults.                                                                                                        


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