Not break that cup.

13/07/2014 21:47
Not speak to me of ripaired Japanese cups.You must know that there was a very beautiful story in the book "101 Zen stories" that to ld of a Zen master who produced a cup and all the disceples acclaim the cup then the teacher breaks it and then patiently rebuilds and  when ends he says "Now it's really perfect.".I saw in it a reason of hope for me when I have seen my life to fall apart and when I researched in the book (same edition) that I bought back after a long tim it is absurd, but there was no trace of that story and I felt a very big disappointment.

(When the japaneses ripair a broken object they valorize the rift filling it by powder of gold.They believe when something has been hurted and it has a story to narrate this thing becomes nicer).