Strange city,strange realway and so strange article.

13/04/2014 03:39
For the series"Strange but truth".Florence is a bizarre city,the perspective,that at less for the story of arts,has born here,offers strange jokes.I live in the south-est of city at few meters from the mean realway line of the nation.From my window I face Palazzo Vecchio and few distant on the left the Duomo that are in line with the cardinal points in direction west.On the same direction the realway and Arno river go.Going by feet from home to the center for two km.the way goes in parallel way at the realway from a certain point without develope any evident deviation in the rimanent 2 km.the trains go straight but arrive not at 100 mt. like is the distance in that point(Alberti square)but at 2 km. at north.Come here to see to believe.I have a hypothesis to explain this phenomenon on the bordance of reality.We know for visual evidence (the rail is always within sight from the road pointing towards Piazza San Giovanni, or better known as Piazza Duomo) but something happens from a particular point in the neighborhood and that the church of the Capodimondo street, the church in the shape of a wedge, from there the line of the railroad that can not bend because it practically is already entered in the area of ​​Campo di Marte station and then everything goes in straight line.From that point is like if reality falls,the railway which is still in the east of the Cathedral tilts dramatically to the north to check in a few hundred meters in an area of the city stayng at almost two kilometers.If the wedge church distorts space why this is happened and how,but this ask must rimain without an answer,at less for now!!!