The affair whatsapp.Of Urzi Orazio Franco.

07/04/2014 09:56

It seems from 19-2-14 with the purchase of whatsapp by facebook in that is my perception of reality is happened a grave fact that in italian press sevicies translate the term 19 billions with 19 miliardi (that in old enumeration of money were trillion)from that moment for a efferate set of events also in Usa the billions became trillions and the trillions are been moltiplicated for one thousand.How I know this(I am italian and for us is not in use this kind of enumerationn)some months before I looked for the traslation of term billion and was 100 millions(is cleare that the bi in the biginning of word stay for two zeros) apart this at the moment of happening google gave the new that some weeks before google offered for whatsapp 1 million of dollars,is clear that one million of dollars is cifre more coerent to1.900.000 than,but I cannot demonstrate this because after the start of chain reaction has deasappeared the correct translation of billion and the new of offer of google for whatsapp.How is it possible this absurd case?The new,in realistic way,acquires this form in Italy,that in Italy there is a form of conformist power that absents always to the requestes of powerfull people that is supported by the more important enstablishment members(people and institutions),we know this by an important loyal case call affair "Loggia P2"and the programm"Plane for a new democracy".This conformism makes that if an important person or institution commands to a a new service to give a new that is convenient for the subject that commands the operation all the new services follow to not have problem with the establishment but at this problem there is an effect domino nobody se challenge whom has given the command but also nobody wants the scandal and happens that the reality changes in unrational way.Why the affair whatsapp?Is reasoneable to thinck that there was the will to damnadge mr. Zuckenberg and facebook like an istitution that is objectivily antagonistic to this way to act.Other cases that we may cite the crisys of brent that we treate in another space and the victory of "La grande bellezza"o the Academy Awards of 2014.

                                                                                                     Urzi Orazio Franco