The (bad) affair Alitalia

10/05/2014 22:14
Alitalia deal after six years in which Italy has encumbered a debt of € 3 miliardi of euro to give it to a company that in 6 years has " accumulated " a further miliardo of debt at this point no one wants to let out.But in March 14 2008 what was the board of directors of Air France offer?One miliard to the Italian state for the 50 % stake in Alitalia,with which Italy has control of the company, against an equivalent value in shares air france-klm and approximately 750 millions for the actionists.To this there is to added 850 million of investment and an other miliardo on the word to cover the debts of the precedent gestion in all around 3miliards and 600 millions.How Ethiad would pay off the bussiness six years after?Around 500 million but does not want to shoulder the debts pregress.How much we have lost in substance? Among additional expenses and loss of income around 6 billion euro and in more the loss of jobs if the company shall failuire.It seems  obvious those toock the decisions that led to this disaster has been able to do it because not managed their money but everyone's money and therefore they didn't take care the state budget and savings italians.But these people whom do they believe of teasing with the morality of the debt consolidation?The Berlusconi,the Prodi,the Monti,the Letta,the Renzi are nothing more than the Bourbons revised and corrected that for every ill always have the usual care and that is to starve the popolo.Vive Italy ?