The crisis of Kobane shows that it is impossible to trust of Erdogan.

09/10/2014 20:52
lIt is expecting an intervention of Turkey in Syria but is difficult to understand in favor of whom should go this intervention because Turkey has been for decades in war with the Kurdish people in fight for his freedom.Then if there was interest to rescue the besieged city of Kobane by ISIS why they prevent the Kurds living in Turkey to come for aiding their fellow countrymen in Siria.So it is a  little bit strange that all around Turkey is a hive of wars and political crises it does not take much to think that the turkish government (fundamentalist and nationalist) wants to weaken neighboring states fanning the flames of serious internal crises and then to establish itself as a local power.And finally Erdogane with his fondamentalism why should must kombat the comrades of Isis seen that it seems they get weapons from Turkey.