The imposition of taxes in human history. Of Urzi Orazio Franco.

18/03/2014 17:55

In history we have many examples of governments that gave as the only solution to the economic problems the emission and the increase of taxes.The governments of the House Bourbon had as own prerogative to raise the tax on bread we know this by the"Promessi sposi"where Manzoni makes coinciding with one of the many bread riots the arrives in Milan of Renzo , the viceroy and the plague (also the prerogative of the house ....) , the chronicles of Versailles where it is told that Marie Antoinette ( whose futility didn't merit the penalty the cut of his gentle cape) said ,because another riot for the price of bread , " they want bread give them brioches " , as we know from the italian chronicles of the massacre carried out by the cannons of Umberto I at the command of Bava Beccaris against children and women occuping the city hall of Milan dued to the increase in the price of bread.Other governments and other royal families had the prerogative to raise the tax so that this power was one thing with the family name ( Hohenzollern ) that someone says it was referring to the power to raise the price tax and others to raise the bar of the excise tax itself (to me at different times of German history both things .) in Imperial Rome the solution to the economical problems of raise cash was the salt tax and it coincided with the patricians gave emoluments to the plebeians to loose ( so to speak ) hands , it seems that in Italy today someone thought to replace the salt tax with the tax on the house and the emoluments patricians with donations charged to the "sleeper"curriencies of Cassa Depositi e Prestiti and Abi.In substance seems that this government wants to mean that Italian people must resign that which " di nuovo" Europe offers us is a Ancienne Regime which had as its only answers to the economic problems " taxes, taxes, taxes " and alternatively "tagli,tagli,tagli" ("cuts,cuts,cuts"),in money in the first case,in heads for the second one,that the ta - ta - ta with which it rebounds is to refer to the wars that it commported together famine and pestilence .Are 70 years that Italy , as well as the peace , obtained with prudent keynesian policies the economical and social prosperity or rather complex answers to complex problems and now they purpose symplifing techniques for simplifying oligarchs always brave only to close the access to resources not knowing the techniques of general systems theory to obtain the best results with the least consume of energy which means the entrance ticket to a new civilization of peace and prosperity not only for few people nether for someone rather than others, but for all the peoples of the earth and all the planetary nature.Are past thirty years from a small essay of Enrico Berlinguer "1984" in which they suggested the idea that we could live prosperously even if in more austere way and I think that this is the different model of civilization that he refered.Ah I close my comunication with an unrational insight:the coincidentia tempore between the end of the plague and,more or less, the beheading of Louis XVI.Cutted the head of the " Bourbon " is liquidated is also the " bubbone"?And sorry for the noble and,at the bottom,innocent head of Marie Antoinette but the prosperity of the peoples of Europe, " is worth " a cape.

                                                                                    Urzi Orazio Franco.