The matrilinear genealogy.

25/04/2014 02:02

At difference of male genealogy where the men discover by an inntellectual reflection the aves and their cult. before this happening there is reason to believe the cult of female genealogy precedent to that of men like a feeling that passes for the females above all during the pregnancy.It is clear that because the women bear by women the awareness of this continuity in time is a fisical state of consciounsness that the women discover with own pregnancy like something that always present in unconsciouns way but with the pregnancy comes clearly percepted.But this condition is clearly renforced by the common women exsperience to may condivide the esperience with the other women and in particular with own mother.I am a man so I can only image this but just in my imagination when the mother and the pregnant daughter have way to exchange some confidence on the esperience of pregnancy and of abort there is a form of simmetry and of mirroring for which the vincles of dissendance are rinforced and so too the sense of reciprocal apparteneance.Is possible to thinck that by this exchange happens a form,at the same time,of anticipation and training of future abort of the daughter and of flash back to the event of daughter birth to use an esoterical term a sort of introdution in a hipothetical temple of women(of fact this was Delphi sancthuary in more ancient way).Of corse also the moment of abort is forming happening for a women but the traumatic way of event doesn't permit the same risults at the level of counscenceness.I ask sorry to the female reader for this heavy intervent in their recondit world but I thinck that was important to make note this world of feelings and senses present from always in the majority of women. 

                                               Urzi Orazio Franco