The Reaganeconomic has never been other than an ideological system.Of Urzi Orazio Franco.

08/04/2014 02:57
In 1982, the second year of the reaganeconomy gnp Usa loses probably because of deflationary policy of the administration of 2% in real terms, that is, the annual rate of gnp adjusted for inflation this year , the 1983 has a gnp growth in real terms about 7 points that out as 2 points lost in the previous year mean real growth of 5% compared to the data that you understand the current economy can not be considered a huge success given the elements of euphoria generated idologically in American finance circuit right of Reagan.Nel 1984 in the heart of the Reagan economic therapy there is an increase in real annual rate of 4.0% gnp as we will see later that the administration will not be able to maintain.In 1985 the Reagan economic politic has lost of aggressivity and the real rate of the economy rises by only 3% since it is repeated in 1986.In 1987 back to 4 %, but in the context of a return to inflationary politic in fact inflation from 1 , 9 % in 1986 , which is the minimum figure during the Reagan era , back to 3.6% but it is clear that the inflationary politic in the context of liberalism is different from that of Keynesianism,the Keynesian inflation is a monetary methods with which the state finances the expenditure which always means a form of expansionary politic while the inflationary politic of liberalism often is combined with the concentration of investments in high technology and luxury goods that yes gives high profits but often have little impact in terms employment, redistribution of income per capita and economic stability as substantially as a result of the economic history of these years shows.In 1988 in spite of this change to its politic, the real growth back to 3% as real terms while inflation goes to 4.1% .In 1989, growth is reduced to 2.2% and inflation goes to 4.8%. So ends what has been considered the economic turn of the century whose achievements doubts should be compared with the results of the trend ' employment.The liberism doctrine in economy has its crowning glory recently with President Bush in 1990 that has a gross growth of 4.6% and an inflation rate of 5.4% in 1991 with inflation of 4% 4.2% , in 1992 the economy has a real shot with a growt of 3 % , in 1993 the growth rate is 4.5% , with inflation at 3%. in 1994, the first year of democratic Clinton gnp fly to 6% and inflation goes to 2.6% but that's another storia.Cosa say that the Reagan administration will be remembered more for the nuclear non-proliferation treaties and the meetings in front of the fireplace with the head of the evil empire that Michael Gorbachev than for the economic successes of all far-fetched to say he has sworn to fight communism and it was eventually agreed with it, promised to solve the economic problems Americans and eventually returned with the usual inflationist politic and rigor in economic load of the proletarian classes of America.That I suppose about the mitical success of reaganeconomy is that economists watch to the gnp without face it with the rate of inflation who knows why.