The universe goes toward the perfection.

12/09/2014 21:46

It seems that everybody,whom more and whom less,are affected by a linear logic that degrades in an aut aut for which the things are so or so.I believe in beginning there is the creative power of God that I imagine,rather than as logos,as mental vibration that can have a representation such as a principle of light that as a principle of sound.It is a thought that is toghether light and sound and as it manifests itself at an ever more tangible level of material reality then becomes sound and light.These levels of material reality do not lose ownself in the air like someone would want but are destined to meet again their founding principle that is the creative power of God that leads them to ever higher levels of integration and  have the eurythmy as universal perspective. So all comes from the light (the divine creative thinking) and everything tends to the light (perfect integration of all the bodies together) through material forms that express this tendence.So I do not give up, in line of principle, the idea that God wants to bring the universe  at the same level of its own inner harmony