What has been of Gilberto Gil?

18/04/2014 04:22

I  looking for the name of that famous brasilian musicist(compositor and guitarist)president Lula's minister of culture and at a certain point I remembered the surname Gill,Roberto Gill but on google(at the voice "musica brasiliana")but I didn't find anything so I saw an interview jazzist where her talked of the chieves brasilian compostors(18 musicists)without any trak of Gill.So I decided to go on Google Brasil and look for him but Roberto Gill is only an important producer of cosmetics but I decided to look deeper and I went directly to page 10 of the same voice and strangely I find his photo and isn't Roberto Gill but Gilberto Gil.So I think that I have mistaken the name and I be back to the interview to the italian jazzist(Barbara Casini)that talked of best 18 brasilian musicists and miracle where she cited the favorited compositor(Chico Buarqe)togheter him appears(where there wasn't anything)the name Gilberto Gil.What to say "Sometime they be back".


                                                            Urzi Orazio Franco