Where the bird sings but doesn't fly?

01/09/2014 12:06

I have done the mistacke to sign me on twitter.Immediately I didn't like it,too rigid,you haven't space and time to develope a reasoning,fast but rigid.My decisio to leave it came from the fact  I wanted to pubblicize two photos of the same image simmetrical like at the mirror but after two tweets the system blocked my tentativ by the notice"you have already repeated the tweet".So I angry decided to leave the social network but it wasn't possible it isn't expecte a procedure to leave.Like a prison you aren't afree to exit.At the last like a Bank gives money if you have money but not thinck to make money but it if you are unknown rimain unknown.The logic of twitter is that of a prison:you cannot go where you want,you cannot communicat how much you want and you cannot leave when you want.At this poin a brivid passes for my back at this thought:where the bird sings but doesn't fly?