Who is Matteo Renzi?

26/05/2014 15:50
I was reading the papers like all scribblers of state lavish in seas of words to transform that is a totally unexpected result in an entirely rational and the natural culmination of the apotheosis of a leader.But who is this leader where it comes from what did he make before being prime minister ?He was mayor of a city, a beautiful city, Florence, where in few years since there's method Renzi  one the abuse of private interest over the public interest has established itself as an everyday practice (from more favorable treatment by the government in favour of cititzien was changed in that " you do that makes us comfortable .") For example, in psychiatry should quadruple therapy when the user is painful? Useless but when he dares to question the ethics of operators and terapist.You know to be entitled to a reduction in your rent in public housing because your economic condition has changed s useless the clerk tells you that is not true and your insistence tells you that yes maybe we can reduce but be sure not now but maybe in a year I wonder why maybe because between one year so a fastidiouse costumer finish to disturb.For example the eternal roadworks that will be used to what? Maybe to not do understanding the cititziens that the traffic in Florence is about half that of the years '80 when there were gridlock continue blocking the city from everywhere.The local police operating an aso ( medical examination required) that along the way becomes a tso(obbligatory health treatment) it does not know under what medical and amministrative criteria.Or the drivers ataf that start from the terminal with 3-4 minutes of advantage or disadvantage for no apparent reason,or jump the race,or also discharge the passengers to the bus that follows no one knows why they dn't must give explanation to anybody? If Florence has become the city of the public employed( the same as 80 Euros a paycheck , and now you understand what reward for ) which makes its convenient to the face of the city which will be the Italy of Matteo Renzi perhaps that of a 41 % of the voting that no one knows where they come from?Maybe Italy who goes "a puttane"(letterally "goes to whores" meaning to the hell) and if the whores are underage so much better it makes more "ganzo"(slang term of Florence to indicate something very fashion).
                                                                                                              Urzi Orazio Franco